The Future of Web Experience Is a Platform You Trust

February 13, 2017

DevHub Web Experience
Most product managers we work with are solving for one specific use case, not knowing that by choosing DevHub they have the ammo needed for solutions down the road. DevHub works with existing managers to build sustainable solution(s) that drive revenues and provides performance lift. What is unique about this type of relationship? It is the constant feedback loop to what is needed to not only deliver on the end user promise today but provide a solid foundation for the future.

Large scale enterprise clients like the ability to solve for one problem - FAST. However building upon that specific use is important knowing what is around the bend is the sustainable solution DevHub provides.

When a recent DevHub customer asked to roll out 1000s of unique profile pages (on individual domains/ URLs), they discovered that the flexibility of having these sites on DevHub unparalleled. Why? Because once the sites where up and there was a compliance notice that needed to be rolled out across all 1000+ profiles DevHub was ready. OR, when the ability to switch out call tracking numbers was requested or the flexibility in adding an appointment widget was implemented - DevHub was ready.