The New DevHub Referral Dashboard

July 22, 2010

As we've mentioned before, the DevHub development and design team is constantly working to provide you with more cool things every week. This week, we've focused on improving your ability to bring in referrals. As a refresher, for every friend you refer to DevHub, whatever that person earns on DevHub for the next three years, you will get the equivalent of 10% of those earnings! (Don't worry, we don't pull the 10% from their earnings, its taken from DevHub's own partner share.)

What does this really mean?

It means for those of you who are good at marketing or are big influencers among your online social circles, rather than building out sites yourself you should be recruiting referrals who do the building. It's just another way to play the game! In fact, we have a number of DevHub users already earning hundreds of real dollars a month from DevHub just from their referral list alone!

To make things easier to track, we've relaunched the referral module (find it in your DevHub Dashboard). There you will find a recorded list of everyone you've referred, the sites they've created, and how much you are earning from your referrals! We've made it even easier to get the word out on FaceBook by allowing you to selectively send out messages to your friends about how they should get on DevHub, which is of course tracked so you get referral credit.

What are you waiting for? Login to your DevHub account and start promoting!