The One CMS Philosophy Difference, Part 1

June 6, 2016

Your business needs One CMS

Assembling, maintaining and integrating a suite of CMS tools is no small task. More than ever before, publishers, agencies and brands seek to eliminate the headache of platform integration and the expense of large IT staffs by adopting a one platform solution for all their CMS needs.

Beyond the technical challenges of running multiple platforms, the costs involved in integrating and maintaining multiple applications has a negative impact on productivity. When not at peak performance, revenue can plummet. At the end of the day, you want a simple, effective CMS platform that works.

With the ability to integrate other business applications within a flexible CMS platform, companies are better able to customize the platform to meet their needs, including workflow processes and content updates. This flexibility allows designers and site builders to operate more efficiently, reducing costs and increasing the speed in which they can produce and launch sites and new content.

Unlike contracting with multiple partners, building a relationship with one provider can improve your bottom line. With a single hosted CMS platform, the software provider is responsible for:

  1. Managing all of the integrations
  2. Updating the software with the latest versions and patches
  3. Maintaining site security
  4. Offering technical and executional support
  5. Continuing to find ways to keep the user experience simple and efficient.

The new breed of CMS platforms offer greater flexibility, allowing designers to increase the speed in which sites are produced, updated and maintained. Basic site builders often don’t do well in managing large amounts of content on multiple sites. CMS platforms are purpose built for this very purpose since they envision coordination of multiple sites by agencies, franchise organizations and multi-location brands.

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