The Power of Web Experience, First. Then Best of Breed Martech

January 12, 2017

Most web platforms build robust feature sets thinking that the more the better. That approach is often used to sell - HARD. You have heard it - it sounds something like - “we have this feature and this feature and this is how you create A, B, C, D, E...etc.” Firstly, if your web platform provider is the end all be all - RUN! They should focus on their core strength and then recommend best of breed partners to execute on your use case.

“Everyone wants to build the golden submarine but in the end that sinks, shares Mark Michael DevHub CEO/ co-Founder. What companies evaluating web platforms should be asking is what problem do I want solved now and how do I take that to market tomorrow - FAST.”

Since 2008 APIs and the rise of ‘App Stores/ Marketplaces/ Exchanges’ fueled collaboration between tech solutions and related providers (see: Salesforce Apps etc).

In a recent client win, the multi location brand is looking to create a targeted product marketing campaign aimed at several local markets. They chose DevHub - first for creating the 100s of unique marketing landing pages then for the flexibility of integrating marketing automation software (we have vetted 3 so far).

Why as a web platform should we also have A, B, C, D, E when whole companies are built on providing the best at A, B, C, D or E. At DevHub we are best at web experience period. If you want to build 1 of anything go elsewhere (we can recommend where) - but if you want to roll out 10, 15, 100, 1500, 10,000 sites/ landing pages in whatever form - we have you covered - and our vetted integrations will help you too.