Unlocking Franchisee Growth

March 3, 2021

A great example of a core use case of DevHub's Data Experience Platform and the positive results it can produce for clients.

This partner leveraged our home-services focused platform tools and applied their expertise to the benefit of their client who experienced an immediate 40% bump in organic traffic across all their locations in their first month on the platform. 

About the Client

Home services franchise with 220+ locations


  • Franchise Executive Leadership 
  • Franchisee representative 

Client Goals

Enable franchisees to grow and succeed in their local markets and improve per-location reporting

Project Requirements

  • Give franchisees control over aspects of their local presence
  • Enable discovery of local services based on distance, zip code, and consideration for multi-unit owners
  • Ensures brand safety standards are upheld across all locations
  • Enables corporate to implement business-driving programs on behalf of franchisors
  • Develop marketing and design around a narrow, unique business case & persona
  • Improve location reporting 

Winning the Opportunity

The franchise was looking to make a switch from their marketing agency that could not fulfill the project's requirements. Our partner was the only solution that could meet the franchise’s needs by leveraging our platform's features to differentiate themselves and win the deal.

Traffic Results

(1st 30 days vs. previous month)

Direct Traffic: +112.5%

Organic Traffic: +40.78%

Social Traffic: -38.16%

Referral: +174.87%

While the performance is certainly not typical - it is something to brag about - and consistent with some cases that we've seen where all a site needed to improve traffic was an update that optimizes the site's content for the modern web and configures its page structure to adhere to modern web standards.

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