VR Web Experience | LinkedIn Live | DevHub (Transcribed)

May 27, 2020


Hey everyone, thank you for joining 

This LinkedIn live.

We didn't go live last week.

But if you're just joining for the first time,

This is Mark Michael, CEO/ co-founder of DevHub

Based here in Seattle, Washington.

Today we are going to be talking about the future.

All right, in our world,

Sites are kind of foundational 

To almost all marketing efforts.

That is what people are looking up.

That is what SEO is about.

That's what paid traffic is being 

Driven toward any version of a site

Whether it's a landing page, a micro site,

A catalog site, a promo page, whatever

It still falls within the basic framework of a site.

Obviously with the world doing what it is around us,

You know, what I wanted to share,

Kind of on the record is 

How we kind of think about

The future of science in terms of marketing 

And customer experience.

So I think most of us 

If you've tried any of the VR devices

That are out there, even the Google Cardboard thing,

The Samsung, whatever their thing is,

To me, the Oculus go 

By Facebook was pretty damn close because

The experience in there is so much different.

So let me give you a quick story.

So my brother plays Texas Hold'em online,

Via I believe, Xbox One or 360, 

Wherever the latest one is.

And you know, he has his phone here.

He has this controller here and he has a screen there.

And he's got his headphones on 

Or whatever he's doing,

And he's talking to people.

So that's the experience two, three screens. 

There's a disconnect.

When you do it in the 

Oculus go the experiences

You are sitting actually at a poker table table, 

An avatar of yourself.

And as you look left and right, 

You're actually looking left and right.

And then when someone tells you, 

"Hey, it's your turn, you feel it"

Like you feel like it's your turn, 

You're sitting at the table.

Now, again, like a lot of people 

Probably have not really tried VR

Or only tried like very weird versions 

And malls and whatnot.

But we had definitely never wanted 

To build a technology platform

That was static to what's happening today, but also

Kind of where the future is going.

And so in that, we will be showcasing 

Some of our concepts of

What the future of websites looks like. 

In the coming weeks.

We have just over 154 brands that use DevHub to deploy a lot of websites.

And a lot of those, the reason why 

There's a lot of websites because

Typically it's around local markets.

And we always say that brands, 

People interact with their local store,

Not the brand at the national level.

And some local stores have 

Certain offerings different from,

Obviously other stores and different geographies.

And so, when you start to think about, like,

What that experience could look like,

Now, again, like, you know, 

If you're just trying to look up

Anytime in the short term.

But if you think about companies 

Like a Benjamin Moore with paint

Or any furniture or appliances 

Or potentially the future of travel

All of those experiences can be put into a VR world

That the consumer then really immersive, isn't it?

I mean, today, 

We've gotten really close with augmented reality,

Which is the ability, you know, I take a picture of,

You know, my house, 

And I can superimpose the couch there.

But again, there's still that disconnect.

You know, what does it look like 

When I'm actually standing

In my room and I'm like,

Oh my God, that's what that thing looks like, 

Or that's what that is.

Without getting too crazy.

I actually also believe that the future 

Of architecture will

Fundamentally change with VR

As a whole I actually

Don't believe rooms, houses with rooms 

Will be kind of the same thing.

I think homes will be built with

Spaces that engage more 

So with the VR experience.

Information about when a fast food chain is open,

So one of the Examples 

I was talking about over the weekend

With somebody was like:

Or VR experience probably not

Do they need a real 3d, 

Imagine if you have a travel space in your house,

Where like the walls themselves can interact,

With heat and cold, and whatnot.

So like, you can feel like you 

Are potentially either climbing

That mountain or sitting on that beach, you know,

Today you can see it like all while this is nuts, 

If you feel it around you,

That's where I believe the future is going. 

And DevHub will have

A part in that future, 

Obviously more in the marketing sense.

And it got a little off course, with the architectural 

Aspects of this whole thing.

But I wanted to put this video out there as an intro

Because a lot of the content we will 

Produce here in the coming weeks

And months and probably years ahead even 

Will be around where we 

See the future of sites going


Obviously we can do anything that a site

Can do and we probably 

Do more than most people can

Or most technologies can when it comes 

To integrations and whatnot

And flexibility and of course scale.

But where that's headed, you know, 

In a fully immersive experience.

That's what we want to share with you.

So I wanted to kind of put this video 

Out there as an intro to that.

We're calling it in VR web experience, 

And kind of how DevHub

Will play in that world.

And we later this week, 

I believe we should have mockups

kind of where we think that's going.

So with that, thank you for joining this LinkedIn live.

Let me go ahead and just share it with

instead we can make that a blog post to cool.

I think that's, I think that's basically it.

I mean, let me see.

Oh, yeah.


All right, I think I'm good on this one,

Cedric, thank you for teeing it up.

Thank you for joining this LinkedIn live.

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