Web Experience for Multiple Dealer, Vendor, Reseller Sites

December 26, 2016

The need from performance marketing agencies to power multiple sites for a specific brand is becoming more necessary. As scaled web experiences allow marketing dollars to flow to specific regional/ local sites - tailored offers can be pushed uniquely and tracked.

FOR: Manufacturers, Co-op Advertising, Awareness campaigns
WHY: Tracking ROI and performance across specific offers
WHO: Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing and Ad agencies

Publishing targeted sites with DevHub is easy and sustainable. One way DevHub solves for creating brand compliant sites while creating unique sites is through the use of: macros. Utilizing ‘macros’ in DevHub streamlines redundant tasks. Some of the ways to use macros:

  1. Customize forms with specific calls to action based on: name, location, phone # + more
  2. Updating dynamic values for meta tags
  3. Build call to action content
  4. Ability to create custom macros for brands/ industry specific fields

Learn more about creating multiple - dealer, vendor and reseller sites via DevHub.