Web Experience Platform, Look Forward to 2017

December 30, 2016

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DevHub is a multi-dimensional web experience platform from which marketing and advertising technologies intersect.

Our goal is to put more control in the hands of product, digital marketing and brand managers to execute performance marketing at scale. Managers who use DevHub, essentially get to build their own agile marketing cloud with the website as the foundational core.

Our unique approach to web experience allows companies serving SMBs, brands and franchise organizations to quickly scale and build experiences i.e. Corporate sites, Regional sites, Local sites, Satellite sites, Landing pages, Micro sites, Location sites, Location pages, Franchise websites, Service area websites, Multi-location sites, Sub sites, Proxy sites, Small business websites, Medium business websites, Enterprise websites, Vertical specific sites i.e. Auto/ Dealership websites, Profile pages, Insurance agent websites, Real estate agent website, eCommerce site, C-store website, Store websites --- enabling more targeted campaigns and tracking analytics.

Use cases 2016.

This year the biggest shift on the web happened because mobile is dominating our lives. Imagine you are a media company who’s built 23,000 SMB sites – the new web standards say you must secure sites with SSL certificates. How can media companies efficiently execute on that? Or say you’ve built 4,000+ local websites and landing pages and Google announces new requirements for Expanded Text Ads. How would these adjustments be made quickly to take advantage of the new opportunity and help SMBs convert more search queries? These changes are only going to occur faster - enter: DevHub - who continues to look ahead by integrating new solutions to handle search and compliance changes/ updates allowing our partners to respond quickly with fewer integration issues and less down time. What this means to our partners is remaining competitive by complying quicker to new standards and enjoying the benefits of increased rankings and visibility in search - ultimately leading to more conversions.

DevHub executes at the highest level - SCALE! Constant innovation keeps DevHub standardized across all aspects of search, mobile, consumer behavior, web standards and technologies. We release updates over 53x a month! - Security is our number 1 priority. How many other platforms can say that? DEVHUB is it's own category. Product, Digital Marketing and Brand Managers know what matters in a technology stack - the people behind it - we are the brightest and boldest minds in a noisy landscape of me-too tech. Over 1,600,000+ sites/ landing pages have been built via DevHub. Over 50+ integrations from email marketing to business listings management to CRM to appointment bookings - all centered around DevHub.

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