Web Experience Platform v CMS

March 30, 2017

Web Experience Platform

When I say “web experience what do you think? Web Experience is the ability to create, build and launch several sites (simple definition). Web Experience is foundational for taking brands local. Web Experience has no limits.

DevHub is a web experience platform including multi-site web development. There is a path to follow when you need to create hundreds or thousands of sites. It’s simple: DevHub is the protocol; you create the sites. What does this mean for you? Take a look at the amount of time you need to spend as a function of the number of sites, landing pages etc that you build. 

Starting from the left, it is much easier to build a single site on your own, or on another platform, but as you build more and more sites, the amount of effort per site hardly decreases, and might even increase if you run into unknown issues. With DevHub, there is an initial investment to get everything up and running, however once that is done you can create and deploy an unlimited number of sites or landing pages essentially by just adding a few rows to a database. Now, that intersection point, as we have found, lies around 25 sites. Many of our current clients hit that breaking point and realized there must be a better way of building things. DevHub is that better way. To see some of the problems we have solved, give our case studies a read through.