Web Platform Reviews - Web Experience

June 5, 2017

Here are functionalities to consider when evaluating a web experience platform:

  • State of the art Systems Reliability, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions allow us to provide a world class Service Level Agreement.
  • Multi Location management tools and modules. 
  • Template support for color themes, i.e. allow users to select from a variety of pre-existing  palettes with coordinating colors for background, text and link colors.  
  • Multi language support for pages & builder, e.g. the same profile page can be viewed in either English or French or the builder can be in Spanish.
  • Ability to store and retrieve all data and supporting files included on the order forms.
  • Ability to migrate content and URL to another website developer.
  • Ability migrate existing templates and sites into the DevHub platform in a scalable manor.