Websites Builder plus Robust APIs

March 3, 2017

DevHub APIs

The difference between DevHub and other web experience platforms is the fact that our core is a website builder - yes - like drag and drop/ WYSIWYG builder. This is useful when sites/ landing pages are up and built. But the BUILD phase is not typically one off - let me explain. Say you are launching 100 real estate agent sites (who all work for the same brand). Using a master template which can be customized based on agent location, profile pics, regional areas etc (more on Macros here) - simply launch the sites with brand standards built in and any customizations the agent wants - they would have access to the simple drag and drop tools based on the permissions the product manager set. 

Anything that can be done in the website builder can be done through the use of our thoughtfully robust APIs. 

By rewriting the rules of site publishing at scale, product, marketing and brand managers can powerfully launch 10s, 100s, 1000s of sites in full confidence. Web experience today is more than 1 sites its the entire use of website(S) as part of a larger strategy. 

DevHub was built with Google and the future of search in mind. Our customers do not have to worry about best SEO practices or latest web standards.