Welcome to DevHub | Behind The Scenes | DEVHUB (transcribed)

May 9, 2019


Hey Cedric!

(off-screen): Hey!

That was my dad calling.

Alright cool, I'm going to show you really quick  where DevHub's office's

Are right now we're in the middle of Seattle, this is the Belltown - neighborhood.

Show them across the street real quick.

Cinerama, and then our building is right here.

The Forth and Blanchard Building, point it up, can you see what it looks like up?

Oh, sick! And we will stabilize this way, come towards me, alright perfect.

This is where DevHub's headquarters is, and different floors over different years, that we’ve

been in business, but now we are going straight to the top! Let’s go.

That was eleven years in the making, by the way, let's not get it twisted

Just dial floor 100.


(Elevator): Second floor

(Elevator): Tenth floor

Alright cool, welcome to DevHub's headquarters a couple of things I want to say real quick.

One to be judged by how many employees you have is not a measure of success.

Period, I don't really give a shit this is the internet.

You can actually build something really big bigger than the hotel -

across the street with fewer bodies.

I'm talking about saas - software as a service.

Aka what I would say tech and the cloud.

That is how I would define it as a human to my parents.

Alright, come on so this is one of our office's.

This is where I would say all the executives…

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