What is Image Search? A Look Into Consumer Behavior And Image Search Optimization

January 30, 2019

optimize images for image search

Image search is whereby a person using a platform like Pinterest, Bing, Instagram, Google uses keywords to search but navigates the image results to find what they are looking for.

“Google Image Search accounted for 22.6% of all searches...“
(via StateofDigital): 

5x times more than YouTube;
10X times more than Amazon or Bing;
Almost 20X times more than Facebook.

As consumer behavior changes it is increasingly important for marketers to keep up with digital trends. There many opportunities to engage with image search to expand your brand’s experience.

Search engines and AI enabled devices are already increasing even more focus on image search and recognition. 

Optimize Product Images For SEO

Adding image description, image structured data, and reducing image file size to help consumers quickly find products online is a great way to capitalize on these opportunities.  Tying the product image to a specific local store should drive higher conversions - as the relevant product is available now in that store.  

1) Choose the right file name i.e. describe what the picture is of
2) Chose the correct format i.e. JPEG for most photos and PNG if preserving a background
3) Reduce image size i.e. optimize for user experience and SEO. Under 400 pixels x 350 pixels is average
4) Short and descriptive captions of the photo describing the product

Advertise On Image Search Platforms

The easiest step for any business to expand on their current image search optimization strategy is to advertise on search platforms. This is a good interim step as you optimize images for SEO relevance.

Advertising on platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, Instagram, Pinterest to name a few. 

Extend your brands reach on advertising, you can find CPMs on average of 20 cents to $2 dollars. 

User Experience is Image Quality

Focusing on user experience will always be the best approach to attracting new and existing consumers.

Use only original or high-quality images for content, and optimize image file size for web page load times and better UX.

The rise in Image search means that competing in image search results needs to receive a greater SEO focus. Where previously optimizing images were an afterthought, that now is a new reality.

“The future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords.” -Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann