What is Technical Debt? - CMS Platform Migration

May 24, 2017

First, technical debt is when customizations to a code base are implemented quickly as to keep up with a specific use case. These quick "fixes" build up overtime and if not baked back into the code in a more sustainable way = technical debt. This eventually leads to legacy platforms not staying with the latest technology advances. 

DevHub has migrated from platforms seamlessly and flawlessly including -Wordpress, Drupal Gardens, WebsPlanet, Mono and home grown solutions...it was a nasty bunch.

Three benefits of CMS Platform Migration  

  • Ability to migrate content and URL - FAST.
  • Ability migrate existing templates and sites into the DevHub platform in a scalable manor - under 30 Days
  • State of the art Systems Reliability, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions allow us to provide a world class Service Level Agreement

We are not just one of those other  Web Builder platforms.  We’ve got what all the others have, built on fresh, best-of-breed tech …. however …. designed around Google Web Standards and robust APIs.

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