What tools to use to succeed with Enterprise SEO (w/ RallyMind + CrowdContent) (transcribed)

May 8, 2019


Thanks for joining we're broadcasting live from Downtown Seattle at DevHub’s headquarters.

Today we're joined by Director of Marketing Erik Hoppe from one of our favorites - I guess integration; or at least one of our you time I see our strategic partners, that we always recommend to our customers related to content and it's called crowd content link below.

I'm always jealous of your background, yeah it's so much more polished than like a blue wall and TV we have here.  

One of our CEOs greatest additions to this new office here was getting some custom artwork for the walls, it's uh it looks really personal, I love it.

Oh yeah, kind of the reason I wanted to pull Eric and him onto this call is that and it is a little self-promoting and won't even lie, but because like we work with a lot of people that say in I’ll say SEO space.

Our side of this whole equation is the ability to generate a lot of pages and I'm talking you know twenty a hundred a thousand seventeen thousand seventy-three thousand pages that part to me is always the easiest part.

And the part that gets a little more difficult which is actually not difficult because coming like CrowdContent can make that really easy.

Maybe will help you on the content part and so before both of our parts you know you're

at this point where you did the research on keywords and all the other tools out there using a SEMrush or MOZ.

Doing all that keyword research you've done that you've got you've done you've used us to build out what the structure of all that will look like and then fill in that structure that's my friend Eric Hoppe, Is it hop? Its actually Hoppe, but no one gets it right. Thank you.

We put the second P in there for a reason aha, I used to get a lot of teased a lot you were closer than a lot of people, but ya know thanks for that intro, Mark.

And I just had that little smirk there when you said that you know publishing 70,000 pages is easy that's when you know you've got a good the product then hey? Aha.

Yeah okay, of course, you always get after 70,000 it's like well who are publishing 70,000 and so my answer to that is always like well it's like a large real estate firm right? or a large insurance company with agents or areas that are being served.

And again you can publish really light kind of pages or you can publish pages that have more relevance to those that are searching aka why they need to use basically something like you guys.

Yeah absolutely, it's interesting because you guys definitely you know you definitely help these Enterprise level SEO focused folks get all of these pages live we're kind of on the other side of the equation.

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