What You Can Build On DevHub ...its a mindset.

August 18, 2016

Chances are your favorite websites are those that work… every time - never down, never inaccessible, never slow - sites like Craigslist, YouTube, Google, Reddit, Facebook, Imgur… Sites you can rely on. DevHub can bring that same level of reliability to your sites. Products built on DevHub simply work. Designers and developers sometimes make the mistake of focusing too much on the beauty of the site. Beauty, however, is skin deep. Remember flash websites? Yeah, exactly.

Sites need to work! Aesthetically and functionally. We understand that no designer or developer wants to work off a template. For the longest time, I hated it, too. However, as our customer profile began to change, scale and automation became a primary objective, and we realized that templates and themes could be an elegant solution.

Let me give you a real case study

Our client, a national agency, needed to roll out multiple unique local sites in under 30 days. Traditionally, this is a scenario in which an agency throws in more manpower to build out Wordpress sites charging upwards of $2k/site. Chances of hitting the 30 day deadline are slim. Sleepless nights all around. But our client used DevHub - without the extra manpower, without the sleepless nights, and, most importantly, without that $2k/site price tag. 

On DevHub, our client produced a master template based on their customer's corporate look/ feel, created unique localized content for each site, and provisioned review widgets, form tracking, and analytics. In one fell swoop, our client also built into its DevHub the ability to add future capabilities, like couponing, a rotating gallery, and a location specific scheduling widget. And yeah, the deadline was met, with time to spare.

The traditional process of building sites from scratch or as a custom one-off is outdated and wasteful. In the one-off scenario, 1, 2, even 3 customizations across 6 or 10 sites is not an issue. But what happens when you need to scale? When you need 3 customizations across a subset of 25 sites, and another 4 customizations across 44 sites? The traditional model breaks down; it’s simply no longer relevant.

DevHub is a mindset - build it once, for the present and the future.