When To Cut and Run - Web Experience Edition

April 3, 2017

DevHub Web Experience Platform
Websites built pre-2014 are busted and ineffective at converting customers who are now primarily browsing via mobile devices. How does a company managing 1000s of websites make the switch to keep up with the latest web standards and future proof their legacy investments?

DevHub’s proprietary technology gives product managers the ability to automatically migrate existing sites and landing pages off those old platforms and onto DevHub's web experience platform. Instantly sites/ landing pages will meet the latest web standards, responsiveness and SSL.

Once moved over, the flexibility to push data, integrate new vendors and deliver customer wants/ needs can easily/ safely be met. Media companies, advertising agencies, directories, Publishers, Newspaper, Agencies and Franchises that “sell Digital” by the 10's of 1000's off their old web builder platforms can now grab their piece of the $10B+ in digital transformation opportunities via DevHub.