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May 17, 2019


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Cool, thank you, Cedric, as usual.

Today's video is about why you don't need 100 employees?

Or why you don't need hundreds of employees, and I guess what I'm really trying to say in this video is - as your building out your saas company.

It's like even yesterday Daniel and I - were at some event in Seattle and it's like oh yeah we're doing ridiculously well.

First question, I don't care if it's your in-laws or a investor or whoever.

The first question we're always getting wow you guys are doing amazing how many employees do you guys have?

And it's like when we tell people the number I say in my head it's 98 but in reality, it's like 11.

I think full time here in our office's people is like "Oh must be a small business".

And there is a guy sitting off camera right now, Cedric behind me are some logos of some of the biggest brands all over the world and yeah we're running that with 10 employees.

I always say the number that people should ask; that I would probably never give in a random bar or a mixing situation, would be like how much are we making per employee.

And to me, that's a way more important number or in a weird way who are you powering.

Even then, that still confuses people because when you tell them your employee count.

And so, I do believe and this is not an endorsement of nothing, I just do believe that this guy so far, not the guy on the cover, but this guy Nathan Latka, if I'm saying it right.

I think he does a really good job capturing every month who are the movers and shakers in saas.

Because it's based on real numbers, and it's not based on employees or some bs those inc 500 fastest growing business.

No, it's based on real metrics how many customers? What's your revenue?

How many employees you have? And then figuring out woah the company is actually growing or not.

So the first thing when someone is like "They raised a huge amount of money" I'm like did they even make money the first time?

Or secondly, "They have 300 employees" I don't give a shit, and neither should you.

Keep building and don't worry about how many employees just keep the revenue per employee super high, and you can do that in the white label business.

Alright, I'll see you thank you, happy week.

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