White Label Technology - Pick Your Metric - DEVHUB (transcribed)

May 14, 2019


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Ok, today's video is about picking your metric so here's the thing when you are starting your saas business or you've already started.

And again I'm talking from a place of under 20 million in sales.

Basically what you want to do is you want to pick a metric that you can tell the world about how your company's doing.

The world being investors, your employees, stories you are posting on LinkedIn, any potential customers.

And so again I feel like sometimes in software, it's always like how many users you have?

Sometimes in SAAS, you don't have to have that many deals to be actually a pretty decent size company.

Even customers might be too small of a metric to describe how big your company is.

So for us, we chose the word - recently we started off calling them customers, and key accounts, then we called them instances, and now we're calling them deployments.

That's because we are deploying a lot more than the amount of customers we have and again it just fits our narrative.

So this video is to tell you whether you are fundraising, or the story you would be telling customers, or however you want to tell the story of your business, pick the metric that suits your narrative.

And again I put some words in the title screen deployments, instances, key accounts, vendors whatever you want to say that defines...

One that we've used for awhile also was how many dollars flow through our system I think on a monthly basis.

I don't remember the exact number let's call it 80 million dollars a month or something like that.

Maybe it was 80 million dollars a year? I forgot exactly the number see! There it is again - that was the whole reason, because like we just didn't - it just didn't make sense for our business because not everyone uses us to push paid traffic.

But again off topic pick a metric that best suits your business.

Don't be pigeon held into something that doesn't make sense because of some other weird pressure whatever fits your narrative

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