White Label Technology Scaling SAAS Sales Team and Process - Part 1 (transcribed)

May 21, 2019


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Okay, this is going to be - this is part 1 in an ongoing series till we get it absolutely dialed in.

So if you are following us at this point we are at 101 deployments of our software our goal is to get to over basically 9000.

Up until this point, Daniel my co-founder and I, who you've have seen on a couple of videos have been the ones doing most of all sales at the company to this point.

And now we are blowing out our sales team and we are learning a lot!

In the last two weeks, we've met with not less than 6 different companies and then individual's well over 12 in terms of how they run their sales organizations and all that stuff and we've learned a lot.

So I'm going to share that with you in these ongoing series.

Biggest lesson if there is one take away from this video,  this entire time and this is obvious to everyone out there.

We built a database of about 6800 prospects by job titles and what not and we were just selling them what the lightest version of what we offer which is we will just call it a landing page.

Everyone needs landing pages I don't care if you are a digital marketer or you are a manufacturer, doesn't really matter - so we weren't separating the two.

Do you need landing pages?  Do you need landing pages? Do you need landing pages?

Similar to a shotgun blast kind of approach and what we found is that, yeah you are right, every once in a while that pellet can hit the right person at the right time after you know 84 touches.

And what we think we are figuring out the hard way because everything we do here for some reason is trial and error.

Has been to narrow down those 6800 to hopefully under 4000 and hopefully even under a 1000 figure out what that particular market wants and how they use it.

The lucky part for us is since we do have all this knowledge across all these different industries and all the different use cases now transitioning to be able to sell the solution in a more targeted approach.

And we're hoping that - you know it actually increases sales.

So in this series, I will constantly update it we should actually do a new playlist for it and we will call it sales.

Alright, cool that's what we will do part 1.

Stay tuned, take away from this one?

Narrow it down.

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