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May 23, 2019


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Thanks, Cedric

This series we started a couple of days ago, this is actually part 2.

So the general gist of this I guess playlist or these videos, right here the ones I'm specifically talking about "Scaling saas sales".

I'm basically going to share with you, our experience we have been in the game for a minute, but now it's time for us to actually scale out how we been doing things.

One of the first things you will be instituting is the standard operating procedure for every new salesperson we hire, right now we're at about 3.

And as apart of that structure it's like what are they doing every single day?

So it's not just before we would always operate like, hey, just figure it out, figure it out, here's our solution, here's what it does, it can help everyone in the world, figure it out.

So in the last video, you saw it was like narrow it down now it's figuring out what is the standard operating procedure for every single sales person we bring on I'm looking over here at a whiteboard that I wrote down.

One obviously, number one is figuring out what their comp plan is so they know what the expectation of everything of all the work they are going to be putting in.

Two the goals and quota's and again kinda apart of the comp plan but in terms of what would happen if they did this.

The second piece to that is the book of business so shrinking down who they are calling.

Right now we have narrowed it down to personally to 100 accounts every salesperson is responsible for, in the specific industry.

We're operating right now in well over 12 different industries so we broke out 12 different books, 100 potential companies in each book and our salespeople will know after the first week of training which will be a whole separate video.

But why they are calling on those specific companies and what they are looking for.

And then finally last is kind of the technology that they will be using what CRM are they logging in to what activities that we important to record what email system can they use to nurture a lead.

Unfortunately, you gotta work the phones we came to that conclusion it sucks, but do you know the best part about using the phone?

Once you know who you are selling to pick up the phone and actually, speak from a place of authority in terms of know what it is that person or that company could be using the technology for in they're the world.

It's up to you to basically either visually via your voice to explain to them how it all works.

You are going to see it here we're actually doing this live as we are talking about it with you, and this video series will be an upfront candid approach and story hopefully of how to scale or not to scale SAAS sales.

So that's it we are good.

Cool, thank you for tuning in.


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