White Label Technology | What is White Label v. Private Label | DEVHUB (transcribed)

May 6, 2019

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Cool so before we get into our video series about white labels, we already posted one.

We got 3 more coming out, and then we are going to start getting into interviews with companies and other white label providers.

This video is basically defining what white label is, versus the private label.

White label is typically when a company like us, build a product and then license it to many different companies,

they basically take the technology strip our names off of everything.

Call it a million different things they can call it WordPress they can call it unbounced they can call it whatever.

I'm just kidding, but I mean technically you could you know let them run wild with it plug into their workflows.

Nobody knows we exist, but our whole mission is to make sure that the product stays up and running 100% of the time.

Private label is when companies build something for a specific use basically and don't relicense it they use it one time.

In software as a service, I don't know what it would be similar too besides like a custom dev product.

So it's like we built it to give it to somebody and then they run with it and then every once in a while they might call us

To order us an update or something but we're actually run it on the white label side which is more of like a software licensing thing.

The closest thing I can think of as to what private label would be is like those rumors about patron being the Costco tequila.

I don't know if you ever heard those rumors but that would be an example of a private label white label is a little different,

just because you know most of the time you never heard of the originating company.

That was white labeling because it's being incorporated by the company who is licensing it as their own product.

Hopefully, that defines it if I didn't do a good job link are below and I don't wanna hear about it in the comments, that's it.

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