Working with Digital Consultancies - Part 1

November 27, 2016

As DevHub begins working with digital consultancies, product/brand/digital marketing managers want to know more about DevHub’s longevity. Grab your team for this three part series.

Q: What position has your Company taken in the competitive digital environment?

DevHub is the first to marry marketing technologies (martech) and advertising technologies (adtech) with a thoughtfully robust  automated CMS platform which delivers the most scalable digital experience across high conversion websites, landing pages and everything in between.

The foundation of DevHub is our conversion-centric approach coupled with our knowledge of sustainable SEO, web standards and changing web search dynamics.

Our ability to seamlessly migrate existing pages from legacy platforms to future-proofed next-gen technology has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. Our API allows for full automation of the provisioning cycle for our enterprise clients and continuously syncs data across products.

Q: Where do you see your Company in the next 365 days?

DevHub will be the standard protocol in scaled digital experience plans. Allowing our customers to serve their clients of SMBs, franchise businesses and national brands with an ever increasing suite of products and capabilities.

More API integrations and touch points.

Q: What actions are being taken now to get there?

Currently we power 48 of the most diverse set of customers from media companies to performance marketing companies to national brands to adtech/ martech companies and large enterprise.

Continued integration of 3rd party partners which allows for seamless management of our enterprise customers entire provisioning cycle.

We work with our enterprise clients to address the needs of their sales channels which cater to national brands, releasing hyper local products which are being leveraged across the globe.

We are continuing to integrate third party partners which streamline the provisioning cycle and broaden the product suite available to our enterprise partners. Recent additions include the integration of Marchex & Telemetrics CTN provisioning, Optimizely site testing technology - view the full suite of integrations.

To be continued...