Working with digital consultancies - Part 2

November 29, 2016

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Positioning DevHub within specific markets is hard. We like to think of who we serve, as a graphical reference (baseball diamond). Here is part 2 of our series - Working with digital consultancies.  

Q: What overall philosophy governs your Company?

  • Continuous next generation
  • Systems are open and flexible, our enterprise clients have the ability to plug in and own their products. 
  • We partner with our clients to continually customize, optimize and improve effeciencies
  • People, process and product live and breathe with you, go-to market partners working together to continuously evolve and expand offerings

Our people, process and products live and breathe with you. We're go-to market partners who work with you to continuously evolve and expand our product offerings. Our systems are open and flexible, allowing enterprise partners to seamlessly plug-in and own their products and platform.

Q: Describe your Company’s area strength.

  • Leading edge technology and tech team with ties to search, trends and sustainable architecture 
  • The flexibility of our technology allows for rapid adaptation of the platform
  • Tech, go to market, sales acceleration. Robust managed services process allows for ongoing customizations, API integration, universal CMS strategies as our clients evolve

We employ a bold technology team with their finger on the pulse of where the future of search and digital experience is heading. We have developed proven go to market strategies and processes along with sales acceleration tools which empower our partners' sales teams to clearly demonstrate the value of thier powerful digital marketing tools in ways that both SMBs and large national brands can easily understand.

Closing thoughts and Part 3 on Thursday.