Working With Product Managers

October 15, 2016

Product Managers and DevHub

Product Managers set the pace for the product road map - in the fast-moving internet/ mobile web marketing environment - everything is due yesterday.


"DevHub was the easiest vendor I ever brought in," says a PM at a large performance marketing agency. Her experience and tight deadline opened the opportunity for DevHub to show her and her team what we could do. Their client is looking to execute a marketing campaign of significant scale (thousands - 10,000+) aimed at the local level. 

With our robust APIs and her team's creative we were able to spin up the working prototype within 72 hours - now we test. Blending the processes of campaign prep and flexible DevHub allows product managers to simply follow up with their DevHub rep - we handle the pressure. 

We are never thrown off course by last minute customer-customer tweaks, The era of trying to do everything in house is over. Learn about DevHub 6.3 release - proxy campaigns at scale.