World of Website Builders and Beautiful Sites

December 7, 2016

Our background started as a website builder for bloggers, then small businesses which taught us one valuable lesson - people are too busy to build their own sites (let alone beautiful ones). Here we recommend a few if you're looking to build ONE epic site - and that's it.

The team behind this superb all in one publishing solution have been at since 2004. Their marketing starts with ‘Make a Beautiful Website.’ They have had high profile commercials including one with Jeff Bridges (actor). Their platform is one of the easier ones which allow creators to build a well designed website for a myriad of uses.

Was one of the first true drag and drop website builders launching in 2006. Their rise was not instant and a lot of work went into scaling a DIY builder. A Weebly site is probably one of the easiest to get set-up.

Website Tonight
A GoDaddy product. Is one of the worst ways to build a one off site.

Out of the box they have good looking sites.

A more/ less copycat of Weebly - but since it's publicly traded will see how long before they can turn a profit or create ‘real’ innovation.

The behemoth. More sites and users than any of the others combined. Trusted by most people for its flexibility and depth. WP is not as user friendly out of the box as others but as a blogging platform/ site publishing platform their community of users is vast.


DevHub difference: while most on this list can publish a site within minutes - handling scale becomes the issue. Building multiple sites on any of the platforms above is EASY - yet managing those sites at critical mass becomes DevHub’s competitive advantage. Take for example - the building of 101 local websites in any of the platforms above (that part is easy). Now assume you want to give permission to a local operator to update specific content, deploy SSL across all and syndicate an offer to only a region of sites while pushing NAP data to a listings management platform -its only possible with DevHub.