Business listings management is a commodity. There are maybe 6 significant players with Yext being the largest. At the minimum your vendor for business listings / citations should also offer local pages.

Local pages will continue to grow in importance for multi location businesses. Having the flexibility to extend local pages for use in paid search, local promotions, local inventory and more is the key differentiator. Here is a checklist for local pages:

  • SEO - make sure all relevant local SEO is optimized in the local page structure from: name, address, phone to city, state, relevant keywords, products, services, menu.
  • VOICE - the way local pages are built from day one - should allow for structured data and content. Including voice search content optimization for Informational intent (guides, how-tos), Navigation intent (store location, services, customer service info) and Transaction intent (video, product information, product stores).
  • SCHEMA MARK UP - the platform you chose should allow for full control of schema markup and the use of structured data - more info -
  • INVENTORY - local pages should have the ability to integrate with menu solutions or inventory databases.
  • LOCAL PROMOS - the ability to push local promos to regional or store specific locations.
  • PAID SEARCH - the ability to use local pages in paid search campaigns.

DevHub provide local pages that bolt on to existing business listing management solutions, reputation management solutions, social media management solutions and existing CMS platforms. Learn more at:

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