Neil Patel shares 17 charts that show where content marketing is heading.

Here are the highlights:

  • Expect less traffic from social sites - since 2015 the reach of social shares has been dropping.
  • You need to take an omnichannel approach - focus on search
  • It is time to have a content marketing team at least 2 people dedicated to producing content.
  • Write an average of 5.7 articles a week.
  • Consider your blog the top of funnel - capture user intent and emails. Try HelloBar.
  • Blog readers will boost your conversion rate. Your blog builds trust so when they see your ads they are more likely to engage.

The two biggest takeaways are 1) content is more than text i.e. video, podcast, images 2) the world is a big place - translate everything you are doing into other languages. For more information visit:

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