DevHub’s acquisition of Brickwork Software is intended to strengthen DevHub’s Data Experience Platform for brick-and-mortar, multi-location brands, and retailers.

With the addition of new customers, technology, and talent DevHub’s acquisition of Brickwork is expected to have an immediate positive impact and to finally have a presence in NYC.

  • DevHub’s acquisition is a bid to become the leader in the entire search-to-in-store and/or eCommerce experience being powered by their platform
  • DevHub’s Data Experience Platform powers digital customer interactions for over 179 brands in both B2B and B2C.
  • Using data to create actionable digital experiences is a strategic priority for multi-location brands as they accelerate their digital offerings (according to Qualtrics)
  • DevHub will be adding new online-to-store conversion actions such as appointment booking and event RSVP to its list of Local Experience offerings

DevHub aims to be the definitive platform for leading multi-location brands - beginning with search engine optimization (SEO) and ending with an in-store or eCommerce transaction

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