Build a strong brand for your dispensary despite industry and regulatory flux.

Creating awarness of your local dispensary is a starting point to a larger future within the cannabis industry:

  • Build strong SEO focused pages for every neighborhood the dispensary serves and for every product carried by the dispensary.
  • Take control of the dispensaries local listings - Google to Leafly.
  • Build your website using wordpress.
  • Partner with local tour operators - from food tours to canna related bus tours.
  • Stand for something. Make sure customers who shop at your dispensary know why they shop with your dispensary i.e. do you give back to charity to help the homeless or do you simply have the biggest selection. Find your voice.
  • Exclusive events and promotions are always appreciated especially last minute at the counter. $2 off tuesdays etc.

Whether you run 1 dispensary or multiple - the cannabis industry is changing and growing fast. To learn how DevHub can help - contact us.

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