Google is combining several technologies, including virtual phone numbers, audio transcriptions, automated reporting and analytics, in a new effort to help small business owners better manage their inbound phone calls.

CallJoy offers:

  • Low-cost customer service agent that helps block spam calls
  • Provides callers with basic business information and redirect customers to complete their requests
  • CallJoy is priced at a flat monthly fee of $39 to make the technology affordable
  • CallJoy can greet the caller and offer basic information like the business hours or address.
  • CallJoy’s virtual agent can send a customer who opts in an SMS text message that includes a URL where the task — like appointment booking or online orders, for example — can be completed

CallJoy is also tied to only one location and one phone number. Additional locations with their own lines can be added within the CallJoy dashboard, but businesses are charged per line.

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