Taking deeper dives into internal search query data to help marketers get the visibility they need

When analysis of behavior focuses on query relationships, we find searches are seldom linear and occur in clusters that don’t necessarily align with funnel-like behavior.

  • Focus on query relationships
  • The key takeaway with relationships is that the vast levels of interconnectivity between queries illustrate the true sophistication of searcher behavior.
  • Enduring convictions about consumer intent, loyalty and the different types of contributions made by brand and non-brand queries are challenged by the data.

How can today’s marketers manage such complex customer journeys? Firstly, it’s important to have a strong partnership with your publisher. Your account teams are champions for your business, and part of that is stewardship for relevant data. The second thing is to invest in data science within your advertising program. Unraveling intricate problems will often call for technical expertise, and consumer behavior grows more sophisticated with every technological advance.

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