Billboards are proving a particularly popular tool for advertisers, an interesting development at a time when non-traditional mediums, such as native advertising and social media influencers reign supreme

Industry thoughts:

  • 1 in 4 Americans has posted an image of an outdoor ad on Instagram, according to a 2017 study from market research firm Nielsen. “That is higher than almost any other advertising traditional media – TV, radio, print, or digital banner ad,” - Fast Co.
  • With the “influence that Instagram is having on both the placement and creative strategy of advertising,” Fast Co. notes, brands are working overtime to create campaigns that transcend a single platform.
  • “Social media’s meteoric rise [has brought about] the opportunity to use outdoor space to attract not only eyeballs but active engagement,” the publication’s Jeff Beer wrote late last year. And industry participants agree.
  • Spotify’s global executive creative director Alex Bodman told the publication, “For us, [outdoor advertising] has become a social channel, and we trust that if the creative is compelling enough, people will do the work of amplification for us.”
  • Cossette Media’s chief strategy officer Wes Wolch echoed this, saying, “When you consider the Instagram factor, outdoor campaigns become less about creating ads and more about creating culture.” The key, he says, “is to consider content and context – moving beyond the idea of [simply] filling a blank rectangle on a building.”

Full article can be found at - The Beauty of a Billboard in the Age of Instagram - published: March 12, 2019

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