Staying afloat and chasing every opportunity is important. The last years March 2009 to March 2019 will not look like the next 10 years for any SaaS company starting today.

Here are some fundamental tips to stay afloat and thrive:

  • Take on consulting work. Put another way - take any work to keep the lights on and make a connection. Even if you raised money - and you feel like the bank account is flush.
  • Do not explicitly listen to your investors. This is a short moment in time - where only you know your business - be confident - listen - do you.
  • Watch the money.
  • YOU are the leader, the CEO - never hire someone to replace you.
  • If you raised money do not spend it on sales or marketing until you yourself have closed the first 5 to 10 deals.
  • Pick the metric you will be judged by. Change the metric as the business grows.

After 10 years - speak with authority. You have the clients, use cases and experiences. Be loud, be louder!

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