Landing pages when deployed properly are the backbone of any successful company, product launch, marketing campaign, brand presence and/ or SEO strategy.

Here is a breakdown of the common words used for landing pages:

  • Branded Co-Op Pages - are used to sell a brand compliant offering through a local retailer. Typically tied to a co-op campaign.
  • Location Pages - are pages used by multi-location brands to showcase local business information i.e. name, address, phone number, menus, online ordering, product inventory, directions, local offers ...etc.
  • Brand Distributor Pages - are used by dealer networks to sell branded products, events and promos through local operators.
  • Profile Pages - are used by agent groups to showcase individual service providers for financial, real estate, insurance, network marketing, legal and /or healthcare.
  • Search Landing Pages - are used by search marketing agencies to generate message matching pages at scale for higher conversion rates and increased quality scores.
  • Channel Marketing Pages - are used by the brand for use by local operator. The brand creates the content.

There are multiple definitions for each type of landing page. DevHub can power any and all use cases. Get in touch to learn more.

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