DMP's allow corporate and local marketers, field sales, and marketing partners to efficiently create, store, localize, manage, and measure marketing communications across various channels.

Here’s what to look for in a leading Distributed Marketing platform:

  • Marketing Analytics - Leading Distributed Marketing platforms make it easy for Brand marketers to access ROI data in real time.
  • Partner Success Management - The way Brands manage their partner networks can have a direct impact on sales. Leading Distributed Marketing platforms understand this and include Partner Success Management in a comprehensive offering.
  • Innovative Co-Op Advertising and MDF programs
  • Speed-to-Market - Leading Distributed Marketing platforms include streamlined processes that measure local marketing execution in minutes instead of days.
  • Automated Campaign Execution is an essential component of a leading Distributed Marketing platform. This means that the entire process of local marketing campaign execution is purposefully automated and accessible on the platform.
  • Native Ad Builder - When a native ad builder is an integral part of a comprehensive Distributed Marketing platform, it gives Brands more than they could ever get out of a single-point ad building solution or any combination of ad-building vendors and agencies.

Choosing a Distributed Marketing platform is a big decision that will inevitably have a ripple effect on local marketing strategy and sales results. And there is an ocean of difference between those who make big claims and those who can deliver measurable results. The key is to find a solution that can evolve with your Brand and your partner network.

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