Demand marketing is the process by which marketers get people excited about a new brand or product to generate demand. Driving awareness and generating interest are the key focal points of demand marketing.

Generating demand for your product or services is accomplished through methodical planning and pinpoint execution. Here are some tactics for demand marketing:

  • Give away your best stuff - content, how to, videos, free offer.
  • Provide value added resource - free audits, free analysis...
  • Target marketing audiences via Facebook Ads.
  • Use Webimars as a means to communicate your authority in a giving industry or subject matter.
  • Display campaigns on major blogs or industry websites.
  • Create more content.

Measure performance by examining and analyzing data. Metrics and KPIs such as engagement, click-through rates, and website traffic can help you determine whether you’re succeeding in generating interest and awareness with your demand generation strategies.

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