Sending coupons, special deals, current events and other information to your customers automatically through SMS messaging is a convenient way to reach your market and grow your audience. With many text message marketing services, you can send multimedia messages (MMS) or ask questions with a poll or a survey.

Tactics for deploying text message marketing:

  • A consumer will need to opt in (extremely important a customer must opt in). This can be done via their phone by texting a keyword, like, let’s say, “pizza” to the short code one, two, three, four, five.
  • Customers can opt in via mobile website like putting in their phone number to a form, they can do it via regular website, maybe even at the point of sale.
  • 160 characters for text message marketing
  • Show this text. Asking customers to show the text in order to redeem a discount.
  • Buy now. If you know a customer routinely buys a certain product, you can send a text promoting that product with a “Buy now” button to make it easier for them to make a purchase.
  • Text-to-Vote. Engage customers in mobile polling to find out how your company is doing in terms of customer service, product quality, prices, and more.

Text message marketing is now starting to take hold. The experience of text messaging will evolve beyond simple text to multimedia.

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