Cut Development Costs in Half

Automate not only landing pages but also VDPs and ADFs so your in-house team can focus on more of your core offerings.

Generate More Leads

Sync your Inventory Display, Email Marketing, Social, Video, and Co-op marketing campaigns to convert more leads with dynamic landing pages!

Scale Content Marketing

Dynamically create 10+ pages for Registration, Events, Promo, Gated Content, and Videos

PPC Campaigns

Improve lead quality with more personalized landing pages. Sync PPC accounts, ad campaigns, ad groups and keywords to specific landing pages in real time. Match PPC to ad copy and ad creative. Swap out headlines, graphics, content all with a simple Google Sheet.

Mobile First Standards

The mobile view of landing pages will have the same look and feel as the desktop version - but optimized for mobile devices.

Full Reporting

Generate roll up reports, traffic, event tracking metrics and more. Analytics comes standard with any DevHub deployment.

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