Gated Content Landing Pages

Generate gated content landing pages easily with DevHub. Customize form fields and send form fills to your preferred CRM or marketing automation software.

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Maximize Social Media Marketing

Understanding your audience will help deciding what type of landing page to produce.

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Full Analytics

We provide analytics for all events that happen on the landing page post social media ad click.

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Centralize Landing Page Templates

Build a library of reusable templates that can be deployed easily based on conversion type i.e. form fills, download, sign ups, coupons - etc

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Social Media Plug-ins

Increase conversion by adding a chatbot to landing pages and/or incorporate video. DevHub can work with some social media plugins.

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Build Catalog Pages

Easily build product focused landing pages that display several products and/or services.

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DevHub can help you contextualize Social Media Ads with appropriate landing pages at scale.

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