Conversations...Google ETA/ Proxy, Landing Pages, Verticals and National Brands

October 13, 2016

For most, these all may seem different yet on DevHub it's all the same. For more than four years DevHub has developed reliable, easy, solutions for the different markets we serve. Since the beginning of the year DevHub has earned a stellar reputation, winning new clients in media, digital/ performance agencies and adtech/martech - so far. Our aim now is to get into IT/ Professional/ Consulting Services i.e. HPE, Accenture, Shalom to name a few ;) We want to become the crucial lifeline for companies who need to scale web experiences for their most trusted customers.

Campaign enablement at scale

Yesterday, DevHub released 6.3 which expanded on our Proxy technology. More than ever product managers are asking about Proxy especially with Google ETA requirements (even w/ the extended deadline). Our proxy tech reads a site’s content and replaces key actions visitors can take i.e. calls, form fills, coupon downloads..., creating as many unique campaigns as you require.

Platform Agnostic - DevHub Proxy is able to proxy from any site, regardless of how it was developed.

Minimal IT Support - DevHub hosts all proxied sites on your behalf, eliminating the need for additional spend on IT infrastructure.  

Temporary - DevHub Proxy uses the latest web search best practices to ensure sites are not indexed by search engines.

Millions of campaign dollars 

DevHub’s Landing Pages are built to drive conversions for customers at scale. Lately, landing pages have become more of a focus especially when Google announced Expanded Text Ads requirements around flexible URLs. DevHub allows you/ teams to build, manage and track 10 to 10,000 campaigns running on different domains...with guaranteed uptimes; secured through our strict SLAs - and some of the most robust analytics in the market today.

Industry insights to close more sales

Once companies got used to selling foundational digital products i.e. websites - up next - sell to specific audiences. DevHub’s unique approach to content management allows product managers to tailor strategies with specific integrations to generate the highest conversions for real estate agents, service based businesses, location pages and hell of a lot more. Think of DevHub as building your own marketing cloud. 

Regional ad-pools, leveraging consistency

Recently DevHub has been approached by agencies representing national brands who have tens or hundreds of sites across disparate platforms and yet no control at the corporate and/or regional level. This sucks cause the agency has been tapped to spend co-op money to drive traffic yet is complicated by the fact that getting a simple tracking code put on a site takes weeks. DevHub simply can migrate all existing sites keeping the look and feel the same yet giving control to local operators, corporate and the agency.