Create branded local pages, optimized for search

Own your brand to local experience. Need to migrate? We can seamlessly onboard new or existing pages in record time. Not only can pages be powered by location data, you also can update title tags, meta and schema from a central dashboard or simple Google Sheet. Need a location finder? It's included with every roll out.

Location Page on Laptop

Flexible URL options

Whether subdirectories, subdomains, unique domains or one central domain - pick what is best for your strategy.

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Multiple Templates & Configurations

Start with one master template or set brand requirements depending on region. You have the flexibility.

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Set User Permissions

Once location pages are live you can set user permissions to different individuals or groups to edit predefined blocks of content and images.

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Push Location Data

Push your NAP data to your favorite business listing management platform or service.

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Embedded Analytics

Use your own analytics or ours. We make it easy.

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Scalable CMS

Want to add extra pages or a blog to a location - now you can.

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Creating large numbers of local landing pages is critical for local SEO, and RallyMind not only makes creating those pages easy, it also produces pages with great content that are visually appealing.

Eric Hoppe • Director of Marketing at CrowdContent

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DevHub is one of the most customizable and optimized store page solutions on the market today for large enterprise chains. From inventory streaming to full schema markup... we haven't seen anyone else compare both on features and price.

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Why use DevHub?

Love simple solutions to complex problems? Control 100s to 1000s of personalized web pages with one spreadsheet. You can integrate with our APIs later - or never.

Agile & Low Cost

No limit on storage, traffic, URL options or number of sites and landing pages


99.9% Uptime - Fully cloud based - Same day issue fixes - 24/7 T1&T2 Customer Care Portal

Leading Edge

112+ planned features - 900+ product releases and features to date - 81+ key instances and implementations


7 day go to market - as fast as a 2 week migrations, including custom integrations - Fully white labeled