DEVHUB INQUIRY: Replicated Marketing Sites

February 2, 2017

Below is an inquiry we received last week that fits squarely in DevHub's core competency.


I am seeking to create a replicated marketing website for distributors of a particular product/ brand. I am the product marketing manager. We've been looking to create this system in house - yet have been unsuccessful due to current CMS platforms limited multi site capabilities. 

The site would include a landing page (squeeze page) that collects leads and redirects to a more in depth overview page or specific location.

Leads - Ideally distributors will be able to use their own auto responder on the landing page.

The overview page would have a call to action to drive visitor to appropriate location or page on specific site (outlined later).

Each distributor will have access to a dashboard to enter their contact details.

Then the distributor will be given a url that they can use for email marketing, search engine marketing etc.

Example - --->  Profile1 can use their own domain too

*I would like the ability to add additional landing and overview pages for the distributors to choose from (this can come later)

Dashboard - Allows for users (distributors) to enter their information and also access their unique links

Design - I will be providing the design for each page for the front-end.  Back end dashboard design will be handled by developer.  For back end I want a clean, modern bootstrap design

There are many additional features in the above system that I do not need.

Lead Capture Page

Overview Page - NOT DESIGNED YET 

Can we talk tomorrow?