Get Ready For Something Fresh

September 26, 2016


DevHub’s latest release 6.1.3 demonstrates everything that’s good about protocol for multi-site development.

The swirling dark storm clouds are massing in the ever changing landscape of web search. Even now - agencies and media companies alike - are realizing building on top of bespoke platforms are getting harder to manage at scale. But there is a silver lining. While most continue to ignore security issues or the rapidly changing mobile consumer; progressive Product Managers, Chief Marketing Officers and Developers rally around platforms like DevHub to execute efficiently at scale.

Whether rolling out Corporate to Local strategies or migrating en masse entire landing page portfolios; these forward thinking managers win a lot of clout when their strategies win. What’s more, their entire team is happy about the product being delivered to the customer on time and within budget. 

This September, we beefed up analytics through Mixpanel, optimized our multi-location product, crossed 1,600,000 sites/ landing pages built, expanded support of Google Tag Manager, Integrated Small Business CRM, Integrated Lead Conversion software by Reach Edge and more.

In a few more days we will beginning our 4th business quarter. This is also Daniel and I’s 8th year anniversary and a reflection of how far we have came since 2007/2008 (depending on who you ask ;)  

DevHub is now creating its own market within the CMS landscape and cranking up something new everyday. So expect plenty of announcements in October and more wins than ever.