Meaning of front-line technology

December 6, 2016

front-line technology

Most of us are familiar with the term “front-line” from a military sense i.e. front-line of a battle. As technology advances at breakneck speed, having technology partners that are innovating as quick is becoming more important than ever. Front-line technology is a platform (typically web based) that is constantly innovating - forever.

(some) Criteria for Front-line Technology - Trust Badge

  • Robust Security Measures
  • Strict Service Level Agreements
  • Forward Looking Product Road Map
  • Community Driven Feedback Loop

Technology partners should be up to date with the latest in web standards, consumer behavior and security practices, among everything going on within the specific markets being addressed.

Initially, when we conceived DevHub as a web platform for sites, we knew competing against the established Wordpress, Drupal, etc was not something we wanted to slog against. As we began working with more customers, we found that the limits of these platforms rooted in blogging were being bespoke to fit a very specific need - one off sites. Yet, product managers were evolving these platforms to build a lot of sites - and not thinking about managing these sites once they got to a critical mass (roughly 100+).

Enter, Google, FB, mobile web, 3500+ martech companies, thousands of adtech companies, programmatic, smartphones, location based marketing etc - all of a sudden managing 25 sites let alone 1000s of sites/ landing pages becomes nearly impossible.

As strange as it might sound, it’s actually possible to see who will get caught not ready. This year the biggest shift on the web happened because mobile is dominating our lives. So imagine your an agency or media company and you’ve built 1000 or 23,000 smb sites - web standards say you must secure sites with SSL certificates? How would you execute on that? Or say you’ve built 4,000+ landing pages and Google says here are the new requirements for Expanded Text Ads? How are you going to make those adjustments within a reasonable amount of time? Hint: you won’t or can’t. These changes are only going to occur faster - DevHub is ready.

***Post originally appeared on LinkedIn - 12/6/2016