PRESS RELEASE: The Business of Websites

February 24, 2017

Seattle based DevHub carves out a business - licensing it’s web experience platform to companies building more than 200+ sites and business is booming.

“Websites,” are splattered across super bowl ads to our daily conversations from GoDaddy to Squarespace and it is not stopping. Small businesses, blogs, news sites etc are connected to the web and therefore their customers via websites. Yet, many (businesses) are still not online or not up to the current mobile standards that consumers are using to connect with them. 

“We knew we would not compete with the direct to business type website aka build your own, so we started licensing to the companies who build whole experiences for big brands,” explains Mark Michael CEO/ co-Founder. 

Web experiences is a fancy way of saying more than 2 websites Mark shared. From pizza chains to car dealerships to financial institutions. DevHub powers more than 50 instances (uses of their platform) across the world, in 5 languages and in 6 countries. 

“You're not using DevHub to build one site you're using DevHub to build a collection of websites, Daniel Rust CTO/ co-Founder said. With that control the use cases are endless, think about it. From profile pages for real estate agents to location sites for franchises to multiple sites for multi location brands - as an example - . MAACO, Jiffy Lube, Baskin Robbins etc.”