The Data Is Yours

August 1, 2016

Post originally pushed on LinkedIn here on 8/1/2016

DevHub isn’t just another Web Builder platform. Yes, we’ve got what all the others have - built on fresh, best-of-breed tech - however, we’ve designed our platform around transparency, portability, and flexibility. Too often companies, evaluate web platforms based on templates, design, or, worse, cost.

Companies select and adopt web platforms only to run into issues just months later. For example, when Google updates its policy on mobile responsive sites, you’ll find that your web platform is anything but responsive to change. Good luck doing a mass upgrade to responsive sites - let alone a migration - if you’re stuck on a pre-2014 web platform. Want to roll out analytics across a subset of sites… who are you going to call for help? The web platform provider? Unlikely.

DevHub believes in Data. The content is yours. We offer each and every one of our customers the ability to migrate off our platform at any time. That’s a bold statement, but DevHub is such a bold platform that we put it in your agreement. And we do not sell directly to your customers. We are a silent partner for your success. You don't want to select a platform that is actually selling against you in the market. We only partner through channels like you. We'd love to win the market with you.

See, our core business is in providing the framework for you to build a host of products on the same DevHub. Whether you need help producing landing pages, lead-gen pages, websites, mobile sites, merchant profiles, and the list goes on… DevHub works for you at scale. The advantage of DevHub is that whatever work you put into it, you can take it with you if you decide to discontinue using DevHub. (We’re so confident of our product, we doubt you’ll want to once you discover the DevHub difference.)

Our customers trust us with millions of paid traffic campaign dollars, millions of visitors, and to help marketing execute efficiently at scale. We help sales… sell!

Worried that your universe of 10, 20, 50, 100, 10,000+ sites and landing pages aren’t mobile responsive, optimized for SEO, or on too many disparate platforms? Has your current platform reached its max capabilities or does it demand integrations only from vetted 3rd party services? Whatever the case, your current workflows/ production capabilities are impeding your ability to achieve your business objectives. Believe in the DevHub difference and improve your bottom line...its a mindset.