The worst thing a brand can do is send a consumer back to their corporate site; as the consumer was looking for a specific location page for more information.

To be optimized for search engines and navigational apps here are some tactics to create locally relevant pages for SEO:

  • Make sure local pages include SEO best practices, structured data fields, schema markup, proper titles, categories and meta tags/ descriptions.
  • MOBILE FIRST. These pages are accessed on the go 70% of the time. Make sure the local landing page experience is 100% repsonsive 100% of the time.
  • Have us build the pages for you. We know how to properly structure the page and design the best experience. If you are working with an agency - they will love our platform for the same reason.
  • We provide analytics with every roll out of pages at no additional charge.
  • DevHub integrates with the leading business listing providers from Chatmeter, Synup, Moz Local, Advice Local to name a few.
  • Extend local pages to include relevant location specific inventory, catalogs, menus, pricing etc. All possible with DevHub.

Seamless integration to your existing platform is how we operate. Easily and safely manage local pages at the corporate or local level.

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