Shop Management

Our platform is setup to manage 10s, 100s, or 1000s of shops within one centralized platform. Shops can be created and then shared within multiple Sites or Landing Pages published within the platform.

Flexible Gateway Configuration

Payment gateways can be easily configured for each Shop within the platform. You can define the gateway settings and credentials in a number of ways.

Flexible Shipping Configuration

We have flexible configuration options to add one or multiple shipping policies to a shop.

Sale / Discount Pricing

Set a temporary price reduction on an item. This item is then shows the sale price as well as the original price to indicate the discount.

Order History

All orders transacted through the system both deliver an email to the customer and site owner, but also these itemized orders are logged and are available for display in customer dashboards via our API.

Global Product Searching

All products, across all shops, can be searched via our API for use in a centralized shopping portals

Drop Shopping / Inventory Feeds

Using our APIs, we have support to integrate drop shipping and inventory feeds to automatically update products available in your Shops.