Automate processes using Google Sheets

Devhub has a deep integration with Google Sheets to allow adding and updating of site and page content within a Google Sheet. Each row would represent a published Site or Page and would have relevant columns for each piece of content. These edits are automatically detected and using our DevHub APIs we automatically update the relevant sites and pages with the updated content within minutes.

This integration is very flexible and can be used by your team to quickly update one or multiple sites or pages at once without the need to manually edit or update page content on a page by page basis.

Why use DevHub?

Love simple solutions to complex problems? Control 100s to 1000s of personalized web pages with one spreadsheet. You can integrate with our APIs later - or never.

Agile & Low Cost

No limit on storage, traffic, URL options or number of sites and landing pages


99.9% Uptime - Fully cloud based - Same day issue fixes - 24/7 T1&T2 Customer Care Portal

Leading Edge

112+ planned features - 900+ product releases and features to date - 81+ key instances and implementations


7 day go to market - as fast as a 2 week migrations, including custom integrations - Fully white labeled